Leo Tomorrow



Friday 30 July 2021
A new level of clarity helps reduce pressure coming from a particular worry. You have a clearer understanding of what's available and where your life is heading in a specific area, too. What may have appeared unattainable, unachievable, or beyond reach could be more accessible than you thought. But you're right to believe that you've got considerable planning to do before you grasp it.
If you haven't felt sociable recently, then with Mars now significantly boosting your need for fun, rest, and relaxation, you could be tempted to interact with others or someone in particular. You've recently had a chance to recharge your body and mind. But if the universe encourages you to worry less and laugh more, then you can believe it's for a good reason.
You could be reminded of Murphy's Law, which works on the basis that if anything can go wrong, it will. But don't anticipate one disaster after another because any mishaps you experience now could be due only to miscommunication. As long as you play your part in keeping communication lines wide open in ways they need to be, any problems that arise should be someone else's.
Certain routines or what you do daily that tend to tick along smoothly could be prone to disruption and delays now. But don't convince yourself that unseen forces are determined to thwart your plans or infuriate you. Somehow, in some way, you're encouraged to slow down and be patient, regardless of how frustrating that might feel. Watching and waiting really do offer benefits now.
Everybody has their own story to tell about how life gets in the way of communication sometimes. Back in the days when a large immobile telephone rang loudly, it was understood that it was to be answered instantly. In this day and age, responses can be less immediate. But you needn't believe somebody ignores you deliberately. Be patient and give them time.
Mars occupies Virgo until mid-September. Having the planet of passion, motivation, and determination in your sign will undoubtedly be beneficial. But Mars also rules anger and confrontation. That's something that may need to be considered where any miscommunication in your world is concerned. If ever there was a time when the wrong words could emerge from your mouth, it's now.
Responsibilities coming your way could pile up surprisingly quickly. This may be made more complicated by assistance or support you offer others, too. You could find yourself in the classic Libran position of applying so much effort to make others' worlds comfortable that you overlook your own. This is a time to make sure that more 'you time' features in your daily schedule!
It could be easy and tempting to focus energetic effort on being sociable or interacting with chums rather than the more mundane areas of life. It may be within these that you struggle to summon any motivation or enthusiasm. Kicking back or playing hooky for one day won't cause the world to stop turning. But you know that any responsibilities you neglect now will be waiting for you later.
The more you look backward to your past, the more likely it is that you'll feel stuck in a loop or time warp. The more life you give to old thoughts, the more likely it is they'll hang around indefinitely. There appear to be aspects of your past that you need to find peace or achieve closure with. Until this happens, you'll keep looking backward instead of forward, where you should be looking.
You could be aware of how what somebody doesn't know won't hurt them. It may feel right and sensible to withhold certain information, not because you're deceitful but because you believe it's in somebody's best interests that you do. But if you sense this person will put two and two together eventually, or what you've tried to conceal will come out into the open, you're absolutely right.
Something you believed was a dead cert or guaranteed could be less stable or secure than you thought. There's a risk attached to what you thought may have been risk-free. That's why you must gain as much reliable and solid information about what you're considering. It's not until you dig deeper or ask for what's missing that you'll gain a more accurate understanding of what you're dealing with.
Hey, it's understood that you're capable of so much that's jaw-droppingly awesome. But try not to overestimate your abilities or clout in a particular area now. Being too confident won't help you, but an essential blend of humility and patience will serve you well. Try to focus on observing certain circumstances from a distance. That will help you gain a more accurate understanding of how to react or interact with others.